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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Day Before It All Starts

Well, finally it's here..

Currently I'm in Seattle, and have had a very chilled day of not doing much except for last minute preparations for the first show tomorrow.

After arriving yesterday, Tom and Megan put on an awesome pre-tour get together. Got to meet up with some folks again after many years, and some for the first time.. all in all a great night was had, and I was ready to hit the hay by the end of it all...but before bed Tom put on a DVD he compiled from his 2005 European tour, which was hysterical in places.... lots of very cool behind the scenes stuff......I'm looking forward to much oddity I have to say.......

oohh yeah before i forget, my baggage was left off the flight from SF, but eventually it did turn up....despite the "customer service" officer being an absolute *&^% at the airport.

This afternoon, Matt and myself went through the set for the shows, working with the order of tracks, to see how things would flow, hopefully we have put together something that will get people warmed up and ready for A23.

Been a couple of years since I played a live show, so im kinda a bit nervous of course, but give me a track or two, and ill be back into the swing of it.

See ya soon.

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