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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From Tulsa...

Well we are just over 1 week into the tour, and tonight we play in Tulsa Oklahoma.

So far the crowds have been nothing short of wonderful, and we are all happy with the turn outs for each show... even the smaller towns we hit have been well attended so we have no complaints.

The usual drill seems to be get up by 9am, load the van up, and hit the road by 10am. Breakfast is optional depending on the amount of travel time required to get to the next city. Otherwise at best we get some breakfast and are able to stop for an hour before we start the drive, at worst, it's coffee (if I can find it), and take out for lunch.

The hours in the bus are spent talking about music, films, and the usual throwing about of dirty jokes, one liners (Matt excels here), watching some TV, or video editing. Short stops to stretch the legs before we are thrown back into the bus for a few more hours...

Arriving in the next city, we check into the motel, 15 minutes to freshen up, collect our stage gear and head out to the venue. Usually we are there by 6pm, meet the promoters, unload the van of gear and merchandise. Sound check shortly follows for both bands... this usually takes 30mins at most.. we have gotten it down to a fine science already.... then the long wait happens.

Sometimes its up to 5 hours before we hit the stage, which is the hard part....waiting about. We will get some food, either catered for or a buy out. Usually as well we are at venues which are pretty much in the middle of nowhere part of town, so not much to do really until the show starts... so I fill my time in with web surfing, doing my video updates, chatting to folks and maybe a vodka or two.

Once we hit the stage, (this is the best bit) my energy levels move up a couple of notches and we are all systems go.

Post show I'll hang out at the merchandise stand to chat to folks, sign CDs etc. It's always nice to meet people who enjoy my music.

Once Assemblage 23 finish up we are in the club for up to another 1-2 hours as Tom likes to hang out at the merchandise table after, and do some signing and photos for fans.

At the end of the night we load everything back into the bus, and head back to the motel. By now its somewhere between 2 and 3 am. If it's earlier we might have a quick get together and a night cap before we head to bed for the night. Sleep is most welcome.

Then the alarm goes off at 9am, and we start the process again.

Ooohh and it's alot of fun despite feeling sleep deprived.