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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I looked up at my computer screen and noticed it was February.

Things are coming together, and we are almost there.

Second version of album master is on it's way to me, hopefully I'll get it for the weekend.
I'm pretty confidant it will be the last version. The first was pretty spot on already, except for a couple of minor changes I wanted to make from a mixing point of view.

Having someone who is patient with you during the mastering process is invaluable. .. thankyou Dave !

Artwork has come along nicely... a slight hick up on my original idea for the outlay, it got reduced to 4 panels instead of 6. Maybe I will look at doing a booklet in it's place. I want it to look as slick as possible.

The inside panels are done, and Grant has done a great job of delivering a wonderful outlay.
We are stuck on the back panel... but we are working on a new idea.

So today, I was at work, at my desk, and I looked up at my computer screen and noticed it was February. A slight wave of panic, (or was it excitement) came over me. @uck next month is March. My desk was going to be far from my mind by then.

I started to think about the fun I was about to have... the people I was going to meet, and of course the music.

I remember coming home from my first mini European tour in 2004 (feels live forever ago now), sitting in my living room the night before going back to work the following morning... a grim sight. And I know this WILL happen again after this tour.

Still I always focus on today, and now. That way I don't miss anything.